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Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 8:17AM
Rob Markey

Several of you have asked why I have been blogging less frequently. The answer is that I haven't.

Instead, I've been posting new topics mostly at our official book website, I really hope you're visiting that site. You can find my blog entries easily through this link: Rob's posts

Official web site of the Net Promoter systemAt the new site, you can find an immense collection of resources. Especially exciting are the new videos, summary materials, self-assessment tools and blogs from both me and Fred.

I'm not abandoning this site. I continue to add survey examples and occasional snippets of interest that don't really belong on the official book site. This site has always included my own personal musings on customer and employee advocacy. It's a more intimate set of views. The official site is a little more polished and professional.

This has been a fun experiment. I intend to keep trying new things and learning. Please ask me questions, share your comments, and contribute ideas for content!

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