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Derek Bildfell interview on ClienteerTV

Tim McDougall pointed me toward this October 2010 interview in which Derek Bildfell of Consumer Contact, who has worked with loyalty leader TD Canada Trust and TD Bank on their Net Promoter and closed loop feedback systems. Nice profile of Derek and some good insight into his approach to Net Promoter. (Each of the two parts of this video run approx 10 minutes)

See the original video post on



Making your Net Promoter Score more than just a number

Emoticons and example of how to communicate NPS available for downloadBain clients often need to share Net Promoter Scores with front line employees and others who simply can't internalize tables of numbers in a way that motivates actions.  (Well, this often applies to senior executives, but we don't generally talk about that...)

We have found that a wall of 100 "emoticons" representing Promoters, Passives and Detractors in proportion to their frequency in the customer population really grabs people in a visceral way.

If you would like to download the emoticons and the Powerpoint template, make sure to create an account, then login and navigate to the "Members-only downloads" page.

NEW!! We created a PowerPoint add-in that you can install to create this wall of faces automatically.  You can download the installer from the website after you register, and it makes the process of creating a wall of faces super simple.  You can even edit the images and text to customize it to your liking once it has been created. This makes is a much more flexible way to display your results in presentations. The download also includes the emoticons, so you get it all in one shot.


Sharing customer feedback in real time: video demonstration

Adam Dorrell of Customer Gauge made a great video demonstrating an approach to sharing customer feedback with front line employees real-time.  Many members of the NPS Loyalty Forum have used similar approaches with great success.

We first saw an early implementation of this sort of thing at Progressive Insurance.  They created a home-grown system called Alchemy to manage their customer feedback processes.  Among the notable features they built:  a stock ticker type of display that runs across the bottom of customer-facing employee screens with the latest verbatim comments from their Net Promoter surveys.  This approach was so notable that several other members of the NPS Loyalty Forum have copied it.  Customer Gauge has built the capability into their solution, and judging from the video, it looks very nice.

Why is this sort of approach so valuable? 

  • Sharing the feedback in real-time elevates its perceived importance
  • Providing up-to-the-minute feedback creates a sense of urgency
  • Providing actual customer comments lends credibility to the feedback that ultimately gets aggregated into team or unit feedback and scores, motivating learning and action



Graphic novel description of the Net Promoter Approach

This PDF presents a very nice overview of the Net Promoter approach.  You can find it online at the Customer Gauge website.



Closing the customer feedback loop at Charles Schwab

In this 8-minute video, Schwab managers and client-facing financial consultants explain how Schwab is applying the disciplines of Net Promoter across all of its branch offices and call centers. They and Bain partner Rob Markey, leader of Bain's Customer Strategy & Marketing practice, describe how client feedback flows to the front line and how employees close the loop through follow-up calls. Employees use the insights they gain to elevate their personal performance, refine products and processes, and transform Schwab from a transaction-focused to relationship-focused company.

To view this video with accompanying synchronized graphics, visit our special viewer:  Closing the customer feedback loop at Charles Schwab