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Looking for The Ultimate Question 2.0 in another language?

Harvard Business Review Press published The Ultimate Question 2.0 in English in September 2011. Within a few weeks, it had become a New York Times and Wall Street Journal business best seller. Over the last several months, translations have been published in a few other languages.

Here are some links to the book on sale in several languages: 

The Chinese version should be published later this year. As always, you can learn more at the official book website,


A slew of new surveys uploaded

I  have been collecting screenshots of customer feedback surveys for several years now. While I don't complete every survey request I get, I certainly try to get to as many as I can. I always find them interesting, in light of the Net Promoter system's emphasis on brief surveys that put minimal burden on the customer while eliciting rich and immediate feedback for the company and its employees.

In fact, surveys I get do seem to be getting shorter, on average. We're about to undertake a bit of analysis on the survey examples we've been collecting. In addition to the ones you see here, members of the NPS Loyalty Forum, some Bain clients and a few market research and enterprise feedback management firms are contributing examples for our analysis. Check to find out what we learn. We'll publish our findings there in a couple of months.

In the meantime, please check the Survey examples section of the site

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Most new blog entries now at

Several of you have asked why I have been blogging less frequently. The answer is that I haven't.

Instead, I've been posting new topics mostly at our official book website, I really hope you're visiting that site. You can find my blog entries easily through this link: Rob's posts

Official web site of the Net Promoter systemAt the new site, you can find an immense collection of resources. Especially exciting are the new videos, summary materials, self-assessment tools and blogs from both me and Fred.

I'm not abandoning this site. I continue to add survey examples and occasional snippets of interest that don't really belong on the official book site. This site has always included my own personal musings on customer and employee advocacy. It's a more intimate set of views. The official site is a little more polished and professional.

This has been a fun experiment. I intend to keep trying new things and learning. Please ask me questions, share your comments, and contribute ideas for content!


Fred Reichheld at the National Growth Summit

Fred was interviewed at the National Growth Summit about The Ultimate Question 2.0 and the Net Promoter system. Nice three minute interview summarizing key points about how to earn the enthusiastic recommendations of customers and employees.

For more great videos, don't miss the Multimedia resources page on this site, or the Videos page on!


Frugal WOWs: A social media experiment by KLM

In 2010, a team at KLM set out to experiment with delivery of tiny gifts -- more demonstrations of commitment and recognition than anything of significant value -- to customers who had made public their travel plans via a Twitter posting. For seven weeks, employees of the airline scoured Twitter for examples of passengers about to board flights who were signalling their travel plans. In some cases, Foursquare was the vehicle the passengers had used to communicate their plans.

In each case, once the team identified a passenger, they did a little research. What else could they learn through quick review of their Twitter profile, information they had

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